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真正的警用防弹衣信息调查要点 The World’s First Slash Resistant Combat Shirt 世界上第一款防割伤作战衣 Posted on 25/11/2015 by Robert Kaiser 罗伯特·凯撒 发布于2015.11.25  

Today, PPSS Group has officially launched “The World’s First Cut & Slash Resistant UBAC Shirt”, offering a truly outstanding level of cut protection to all key arteries remaining ‘unguarded’ even whilst wearing the most modern type of bullet resistant vests or stab resistant vests.


UBAC (Under Body Armour Combat) shirts are usually being manufactured using a range of specialist materials, including lightweight, moisture wicking and breathable fabric. UBAC shirts are usually worn alongside the very latest in body armour systems, assault clothing and webbing, providing an outstanding combination of protection, comfort and durability. UBAC shirts can feature several benefits e.g. adjustable cuffs, velcro straps, zipper necks, padded arms and more.


Our slash resistant UBAC shirt is different and offers truly exceptional cut protection around the entire arm area, side of torso, neck and throat area, protecting the following four key arteries from laceration, subsequent rapid blood loss… and potential subsequent death:  


1. The radial artery can be found in our wrists, which often is subject to cuts during self-defence, knife fights or whilst protecting our face (such wounds are defined as ‘defensive wounds’ and could become part of the evidence gathering when claiming ‘self-defence). It is also the most commonly cut artery during any ‘forced entry operation’.


2. The brachial artery is located alongside your bicep. This is also a likely artery to be cut during a knife attack and defence.


3. The carotid artery is maybe the best known artery and is located in your throat.  It is certainly the artery most featured in many typical Hollywood action blockbuster.  A cut through of the carotid artery would most likely result in death.


4. The axillary artery is located under your arm pits, beginning at the lateral border of the first rib. Anyone sliding an edged weapon under your arm pits and pulling on that weapon is most likely going to injure or cut this artery. This would lead to rapid blood loss and potentially in death. To stop the bleeding in such case is exceptionally difficult and often impossible.


Please view our technical product specification sheet for further details:  click here


We have also produced a very simple and brief video highlighting its performance:  


This newly designed cut and slash resistant UBAC shirt made by PPSS Group also feature two upper arm pockets (for small notepad and pens) with Velcro for rank patches, blood patches, insignia or other attachments, as well as thumb loops to keep the sleeves in place.


Here are three close-up images highlighting the exceptional manufacturing quality.  


This new slash resistant UBAC shirt will without any question help save the lives of many law enforcement, prison and private security officers all over the world… and that’s precisely what drives us… it is exactly what we are passionate about… it is the very essence of what PPSS Group as a company stands for.


Our mission statement is very precise: “Protecting Frontline Professionals from Human Threats”, and our newly designed slash resistant UBAC shirt will do exactly that!  


If you are a homeland security professional wearing a body armour… you have either established a certain risk or you are at least aware of a certain risk.  I don’t believe this risk is limited to the torso only… I am sure the key arteries you can find in your arms and throat are exposed to just the same risk.  


Recent attacks on Israeli police officers and military personnel have highlighted a real need for this new garment design, and injuries as per the following images, received during a force entry operation in a different country (not Israel), also highlight the risk of accidental injuries:  


A typical cut injury, which could have been prevented if this person would be issued with the world’s first slash resistant UBAC shirt.  


The following statement following a forced entry operation on the 25th April 2013, was made by Williamson Police in West Virginia, USA, but is not related to above image: “Only one officer sustained injuries when authorities conducted a forced entry into a home. The officer accidentally cut himself while entering the home.”  


I have access to countless of images featuring injuries sustained during an edged weapon attack, most of which are too graphic to highlight in my article, but the following gives us an indication what can happen when protected inadequately.  


even when wearing a top quality body armour… this injury would have not been prevented because the neck/throat area will remain unprotected and exposed. Our latest slash resistant UBAC shirt would successfully prevent such injury and reduce the risk of rapid blood loss and even death.  


We all need to accept that injuries sustained from a bladed attack (or due to an operational accident) can cause long term damage as well as just the physical injury. Slash and cut injuries can often lead to long lasting emotional scars, ongoing distress or in very serious cases even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This may lead to an extended period of loss of work or employment putting an extra financial strain on the victim as well as the required physical recovery time from the medical procedures.  


Please also read my article: “Slash Resistant Clothing for Homeland Security Professionals” (click here) offering additional information, different product images, news snips and very graphic photographs of cut/slash injuries. All of our slash resistant garments… including our new UBAC shirt offer the following levels of protection:  


§ ISO 13997:1999 Blade Cut Resistance Level 5 – the highest possible

§ ASTM F-1790-05 Blade Cut Resistance Level 4

§ EN 388:2003 Blade Cut Resistance level 5 – the highest possible

§ EN 388:2003 Tear Resistance Level 4 – the highest possible

§ EN 388:2003 Abrasion Resistance Level 4 – the highest possible

§ ISO 13997:1999防刀片割伤5级–最有可能

§ ASTM F-1790-05防刀片割伤4级 -最高等级

§ EN 388:2003防刀片割伤5级 -最高等级

§ EN 388:2003防撕裂4级 -最高等级

§ EN 388:2003防磨损4级 – 最高等级